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  1. | WATCH: Nando’s ad fires up South Africa
    With less than 20 days to the new year, fast food outlet Nando’s has decided to spice things up, reminding South Africans of their potential to always sort things out.
  2. | Here's what the Post Office social grants deal will cost
    The South African Post Office will be handling core functions of a new hybrid social grants scheme from April 2018. This is how much it will cost in its first year.
  3. | Cop shot dead on Cape Town highway while escorting truck containing perlemoen
    A police officer has been shot dead on a Cape Town highway, while escorting a truck containing perlemoen.
  4. | Phosa withdraws urgency of interdict against ANC's Mpumalanga 'unity' branches
    ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa has withdrawn the urgency of a court interdict which sought to stop Mpumalanga branches that nominated "unity" for the ANC's top six positions from attending the party's national elective conference.
  5. | Detaining me longer could kill me - Dutch arms dealer arrested in Cape Town
    A Dutch arms dealer, convicted of selling weapons to former Liberian president Charles Taylor and of crimes against humanity, says his further police detention in Cape Town could prove fatal.
  6. | Court action to stop Prasa 'conspiracy'
    Legal action will now be taken against the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, after the agency missed a deadline to respond to demands by the UniteBehind coalition.
  7. | #RhodesWar: Outcry after university expels 2 anti-rape activists for life
    The expulsion of two student activists from Rhodes University for life, over 'conduct beyond lawful boundaries' while protesting against rape culture, has sparked an outcry on social media.
  8. | So someone cloned your car's number plate? Here’s what to do in SA
    While it may not be as common as hijacking or car theft, vehicle number-plate cloning is a problem in SA. Here's what to do if you've been affected.
  9. | Robbery case against underworld figure Modack withdrawn
    Charges of business robbery and assault, relating to a debt collection incident which played out in Worcester, have been withdrawn against controversial businessman Nafiz Modack.
  10. | Oscar Pistorius injured in prison brawl over phone
    Former Paralympic champion and convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius has been injured in a prison brawl over the use of a public phone, a prison official says.

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